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"The spine is an amazing portal of information to locate joint or motor control issues in distant joints so how is it that the most fundamental structure in our body is often overlooked when treating athletic injuries? Chiropractors spend years studying the importance of the spine and its lead role in all that we do because without it, no athletic movements would be possible."

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As the nutrition consumer and the easily influenced, what information should you trust? To help you get started I’ve put together a list of things that I believe are dietary guidelines that cannot go out of style and hopefully won’t make my future self groan when reading in 5 years as the research progresses!

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This is the excerpt for a featured post.All stressful triggers initiate the sympathetic nervous system via the Fight or Flight stress response. Stress causes a cascade of changes in the body that can be highly beneficial in the short term but drastically destructive over the long term. Some stress is good to motivate us to exercise or respond well to challenges but it’s the constant feeling of being hyped up that will wear your body, immune system, and emotional will power down. 

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