If you’re a yogi and need adjustments or anything for pain in yoga class- Dr. Mangano is the person to see! She’ll know what you mean when you say
eka pada rajakapotasana
— Caitie
I love the different approaches that you’ve done with me. Not just doing one thing you’ve learned but being attentive to the patient’s needs and using that to choose the technique.
— Chase

She changed the way I breathed without even touching me. Now I feel like I can run for days and feel so much better as a whole.
— Jonathon

I’m so glad that my pain led me here to work through it with you.
— Missy

You’ve done more for me in 3 visits than any type of doctor has done in 6 months.
— Glenn

Dr. Mangano is a rockstar. Incredibly warm personality with great clinical insight.
— Chandler

Her thirst for knowledge and willingness to seek skills and information that will help current and future patients is second to none!
— Taylor

Her knowledge of chiropractic and applying it to her patients is top notch. You will be in great hands with her care
— Nolan

She possesses an incredible skill set making her the most capable intern I have ever seen
— Dr. Chris Barnes