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Dr. Marina Mangano

Restorative Movement & Mindset


Whether it is fate or happenstance, there is no mistaking that you found this healing journey for a reason.

Let this be a homepage for you to improve your understanding of the mind-body connection. While youโ€™re here be curious, develop your intuitive healing capabilities, and utilize the resources available for further reading. In the links above, you'll find chiropractic information and yoga theories complimented with acupuncture, energetic healing, nutritional support, and reading recommendations!

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Upcoming Events

Be Love Yoga STudio Subbing
Feb 7th at 7pm at the jenks LOCATION

Join me for a medium level yoga class in two weeks to seal

Community Class- Holiday Detox
December 14th, 2018

Dr. Mangano will lead a 5:30 pm free class at Be Love Yoga Studio on Pear Street. A perfect opportunity to de-stress, re- prioritize, and flow off the holiday steam!

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Heart Opening Essential Oils & Yoga Workshop
Thursday, MArch 28th @ Everyone Yoga SchOOL

Dr. Mangano will be ganging up with Young Living Rep, Jackie Kila, to deliver a collaborative workshop experience to better understand the benefits of essential oils and essential movement for relief of emotional and physical pain! 

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