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There is a lot of information on this website so make sure to touch base with each section up top. You'll find chiropractic information and yoga theories complimented with acupuncture, nutritional support, bonus reading recommendations and external links. Enjoy!

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Upcoming Events

Meals & Movement: MINDFULNESS Edition
June 19th @ 6pm 

Join Dr. Mangano and registered dietitian, Aubrey Golbek for the evening to be a part of our dietary discussion and gastrointestinal targeted yoga class.

Dinner will be served! 

I Am Yoga Festival
July 28th & 29th, 2018

Dr. Mangano will be teaching two lectures at the upcoming I Am Yoga Festival on July 28th and 29th at the Tulsa Garden Center. Come learn about the world of quantum, intuitive healing then stay for a guided meditation focusing on the anatomy of the body. 

Big Om at Home Yoga Festival
SeptembER 15th, 2018

Having pain during a yoga pose? Stop by the tent to meet Team Tensegrity and receive complementary soft tissue treatments and taping services. All three doctors in our office utilize an in-depth assessment to address physical and emotional pain giving you the support needed to improve your practice both on and off the mat.