What is The Energetic Body?

In many eastern philosophies, the physical portion of the body is only one part of the entire picture that creates our experience of life, love, and healing. As a hollistic health provider, I have the opportunity to address more than muscles and bones during treatments which enables patients to find greater depth of understanding and awareness in their bodies. I’ve found that the perfect healing recipe is made up of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Some of these concepts are very foreign to Americans and are seemingly esoteric or conflicting in ideology. But at it’s truest form, electricity and vibrations have no religion or identity. Your thoughts, actions, and emotions create an energetic product that interacts with every cell in the physical body, communicating by nerves (electricity), hormones (emotions), vibrations (frequency). For example, if you think about a sad emotion, your body will physically produce the response it knows to relate with our definition of the word “sad.” As a trained chiropractic acupuncturist and yoga teacher, I specialize in guided meditations, muscle testing techniques, physical postures, and emotionally stimulating questions to build the bridge between your physical and energetic bodies. All conversations and healing techniques are respectfully catered to your personal belief systems and preferences.

Photo credit: Joe Picarole @BeLoveYogaStudio

Photo credit: Joe Picarole @BeLoveYogaStudio

Benefits of this style of treatment include:

  • Improving the perception of your personal ability to heal yourself

  • Heightened awareness of the areas in life that affect your health

  • Increased sensation of spirituality, closeness to God, & connection to others

  • Learn how daily thoughts physically help or hinder your physical body

  • Guided identification of memories of trauma or pain stored in the physical body

  • Proof of how quickly you can re-write your body’s capabilities and limitations

  • Develop your understanding of intuition and how to interpret what your body is trying to communicate

My gratitude is endless. Dr. Mangano helped/corrected/fixed/worked magic on my lower back. I have to mention I am 9,000 miles away in India and her therapy was all done over the phone. She has incredible energy and an unexplainable capacity to help others heal.

Option 1: In-Office Care

Work with Dr. Mangano in the office at Tensegrity Chiropractic to receive the best quality combination of emotional and energetic work as it’s tied into traditional, hands-on care (Chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, acupuncture, rehabilitative exercises etc).

Call the office to schedule: (918) 280-4280


Option 2: Distance Healing

Work with Dr. Mangano via Facebook Messenger Video for emotional and energetic treatment if you are not in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area! Ideally, try to find a comfortable and quiet area to receive treatment in while connecting. Ipads or computers make the best visual experience for both parties. Click the blue button below for more information about pricing and to fill out the new patient intake form.

3 ways to schedule appointments (Central Standard Time) by:

- Emailing her: manganodc@gmail.com to s

- Connecting on Social Media: FB/Instagram @chiroyogaflow

- Calling the office: (918) 280-4280

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