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There is a lot of information on this website so make sure to touch base with each section up top. You'll find chiropractic information and yoga theories complimented with acupuncture, nutritional support, bonus reading recommendations and external links. Enjoy!

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Upcoming Events

Nutrition Night
April 2018

Join Dr. Mangano and registered dietitian, Aubrey Golbek for the evening to be a part of our dietary discussion and gastrointestinal targeted yoga class.

Dinner will be served! 

Community Yoga Classes
March and April , 2018

Dr. Mangano will be teaching numerous free community yoga classes throughout the SPRING. Follow on social media for times and locations!



Revved Fitness Soft Tissue Therapy
Jan 30th and March 10th, 2018

Dr. Mangano will be at Revved Fitness to provide clients with free soft tissue therapy on Saturday, March 10th from 8:30-11am. Make sure to stop by the table with any of your aches and pain for a one-on-one session with the doc!